Thomas Olson

Growing up in Hawaii was quite the life. Living five minutes away from the beach really added to the peace and love that was instilled into my character. However, the “chill” life was never enough for me. I was the kid constantly in the theatre working on anything I possibly could. My mother co-directing a theatre truly fostered my love for theatre. If I was not on stage performing I would be building sets or designing lights with my father or sewing and building costumes and props with my mother. I was meant to be in a theatre anyway I could, but the best was with family.

The beginning of High school is when I focused and prepared for the life as a performer. From freshman through senior year I was in a show constantly. It also helped that one of my best friends in high school was my acting teacher, she happened to be the co-director of the theatre my mother worked on as well. I was involved in over ten musicals (both high school and community theatre) in those four years. By doing this I was accepted at Oklahoma City University where I am currently furthering my education in performing, managing, and teaching dance.

Post graduation I hope to move to New York where I can continue my journey into this crazy world of theatre. My passion lies on the stage, however I hope to explore and accomplish many aspects back stage and in the studio during my time on earth as well. No matter where I am, be it onstage or behind, my biggest goal is to inspire the future generations with this magical thing we do in the theatre.

Family. Theatre. Love.


“Dance is imagination, creativity, and Flying” ~Tiffany van der Merwe


“The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer everybody else up” – Mark Twain 

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